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which is the best battery for motorhome

What is the best motorhome battery?

What is the best motorhome battery? This is probably one of the most frequently asked questions by your customers when choosing the motorhome battery they need for their vacations.

In order to store the energy and give the vehicle the necessary start, as a battery wholesaler we have the ideal battery for caravans: AGM Monbat 81090 AGM battery. We first explain you how AGM batteries are:

AGM 81090 Monbat battery

  • Inside, we find sulfuric acid, sealed and with fiberglass separators.
  • They are efficient, tolerate charging and discharging cycles well.
  • Its charging cycle is longer than a lead-acid one.
  • Resistant to movements and vibrations.
  • They can be installed vertically and horizontally. As they are watertight batteries, they can be installed without any problem in the passenger compartment, without risk of leakage.
  • They have 8 years of useful life.

The AGM battery Monbat 81090 12V and 90Ah, it is the ideal battery for caravans. Contact us for more information at and 955 54 44 06.


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