solar panels on a roof

Solar panels with battery: everything you need to know

Everything you need to know about solar panels with battery is explained in today's post. Solar panels with battery are used, for example, for remote and isolated areas, where the central power grid does not reach, or where it is too old and unstable with frequent service outages. In such ...

ctek cema batteries

CTEK arrives at CEMA Batteries

The leading Swedish battery accessory brand, CTEK, has arrived at CEMA Batteries. The company supplies more than 40 of the world's leading and most prestigious vehicle manufacturers and works to develop the best charging solution, regardless of their requirements. CTEK develops products and solutions for cars, motorcycles, buses, trucks, etc. With the insertion of ...


Expansión newspaper, publishes both in print and online, the growth of CEMA Baterías.

Diario Expansión, has published both in its print and online version, the growth of CEMA Baterías. The media par excellence in the economic sector has echoed the recent events that the company is experiencing and its growth, including the recent acquisition of part of the shareholding of ...

battery care in summer

MRyT magazine publishes CEMA Batteries' advice on battery care in summer

MRyT magazine has published on its website the advice of our professionals from CEMA Batteries on the care of batteries in summer. The increase of the temperatures, caused by the summer season, originates a reduction in the life of these components. As battery wholesalers, we advise you to keep an eye on them, as their life could be reduced.