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Solar panels with battery: everything you need to know

Everything you need to know about solar panels with battery is explained in today's post. Solar panels with battery are used, for example, for remote and isolated areas, where the central power grid does not reach, or where it is too old and unstable with frequent service outages. In such situations, it is necessary to have a battery or batteries to store the electricity produced by the panels so that it can be used later, so that there is always a supply available. It is also an interesting option in cases where the energy is only going to be used during the hours when there is no sun, and it is necessary to use the stored electricity.

On the other hand, batteries can also be useful as a backup, or back-up. Once installed, the inverter of the PV module will rely on the battery rather than the grid to supply the building.

Advantages of batteries in a self-consumption system

Serves as a reserve

If the PV system is connected to the grid, it will produce energy throughout the day. If there is excess solar energy that is not being used, the system forwards it to the grid, so that electricity is somehow being lost. When you have a solar battery, this does not happen, because all the energy that is not used, on the days of higher production, is reserved for use during the night, or at times when the panels can not generate enough energy.

Enables energy independence

Photovoltaic panels can only generate electricity during the day, precisely during the hours when we are not usually at home. In most homes, the highest energy consumption occurs in the afternoon and evening. Therefore, a solar battery is a great solution for all that electricity obtained during the day can be used when you get home. Thanks to that, you can save a lot more money on your electricity bill, because when the sun goes down you don't need to use the grid.

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