We celebrate #EuropeDay!

#EuropeDay at CEMA Baterías

At CEMA Baterías we celebrate Europe Day 2021, a day to remember because of our origins. We were born in Alcalá de Guadaíra (Seville) and in just 7 years we have built great projects around Europe.

As battery wholesalers, we currently import, export and distribute batteries and accessories throughout Europe, especially in countries such as Italy, France, Netherlands and Portugal. In the latter, we have exclusive warehouses and operations that guarantee the supply of starter batteries and industrial batteries. A very good reason for celebrating Europe Day 2021!

We are manufacturers of solar batteries, mobility batteries, battery accessories, etc. We also have car batteries, truck batteries, motorbike batteries, etc. 

Due to our rapid growth in such a short period of time, at CEMA Baterías we have recently developed our catalogue in several languages, available in French, English and Portuguese, in order to be closer to our customers.

Remember that for any questions or information, you can contact us at internacional@cemabaterias.com or call us at +34 955 54 44 06.