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CEMA Baterías is protagonist in MARCA

CEMA Batteries, featured today in MARCA and World Battery News

CEMA Baterías is protagonist today in the media both in Spain and in the United Kingdom. On the one hand, it is the famous sports newspaper BRAND and the magazine specialised in energy and batteries in the United Kingdom, World Battery News.

As specialists in the import, export and export of batteries and accessories, we advise a proper battery check in every vehicle and be aware of all the indicators that tell us that this component is failing: "if the vehicle's instrument panel keeps the failure indicator light on, it is better not to think about it, as it will soon give us an error. In addition, if the car has difficulty starting, the starter motor sometimes slips or lacks torque, it means that the battery does not have enough energy to start all the engine components," explains our founder and CEO, Rafa Fernandez.

As battery manufacturers, we also recommend having the support of leading global manufacturers to ensure a higher quality and resistance of the batteries. Remember that in CEMA Batteries we have starter batteries, traction batteries, industrial batteries, motorbike batteries, etc. We work with brands such as Monbat, CEMA, Varta, Optima Batteries, Trojan, U.S. Battery, ESA Baterias, Intact, Dynavolt, Ozonyx, Teck Europe , and Topcore.

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