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Which batteries are best for start-stop vehicles?

Which batteries are best for start-stop vehicles? Big question. The energy consumption of today's vehicles is growing, especially in terms of electrical components, and this in turn places a heavy burden on their batteries. In addition, legal requirements to reduce CO2 emissions have forced manufacturers to use such systems.

High-performance EFB and AGM batteries are able to withstand these current demands and provide sufficient power supply to the vehicle. As a battery wholesaler, we explain that an EFB battery can only be exchanged for one of the same type. start-stop system can only be exchanged for one of the same type, but if you have an EFB battery, it is also advisable to switch to an AGM battery.

As battery distributors, we explain that the best technologies for start-stop vehicles are therefore EFB and AGM:

EFB Batteries

The EFB batteries batteries are a higher performance version of conventional starter batteries.

Thanks to the polyester mesh and the optimised formulation of the active material, it is possible to make more efficient use of these batteries. This type of battery is used in basic start-stop vehicles.

Varta blue dynamic EFB n70
Varta blue dynamic EFB n70

AGM batteries

The AGM batteries batteries stand out for their high performance and durability. In an AGM battery, the glass fibre used as a separator absorbs the electrolyte, making acid leakage impossible. Their plates, with their defined compression, guarantee an optimum connection throughout the entire service life of the battery. This type of battery is used in vehicles with advanced start-stop systems and brake energy recovery.


MONBAT AGM Start-Stop 70Ah
MONBAT AGM Start-Stop 70Ah

Replaces an EFB battery with an EFB or an AGM and an AGM with an AGM

From CEMA Batteries we tell you that changing from an EFB to an AGM battery is possible and increases the efficiency of the automatic start-stop system, i.e. we will have a more efficient fuel consumption.

Vehicles with AGM batteries require an AGM battery, as only this type of battery is capable of withstanding the large number of cycles generated by the automatic start-stop system and is also suitable for charging with regenerative braking energy.


Ask yourself these questions to find out when to switch battery technology

  • Does the vehicle have extensive electronic equipment?
  • Is the vehicle equipped with additional retrofitted electronic devices?
  • Are devices such as mobile phones frequently charged in the vehicle?
  • Do you regularly drive in extreme weather conditions?
  • Do you regularly travel short distances or are you often in queues and traffic jams?
  • Would you be willing to pay more for a product that offers a greater long-term (lifetime) benefit?

If you answered "yes" to any of these questions, then we recommend that you switch to an AGM battery.

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